Thursday Sep 21, 2023

“Wouldn’t Jeong Chan-heon be fine?” “It’s about Jeong Chan-heon, so it can’t be done.”

“Wouldn’t Jeong Chan-heon be fine?” “It’s about Jeong Chan-heon, so it can’t be done.”

This is a conversation I had with the general manager of Team A about pitcher Jeong Chan-heon, who remains as an free agent. Jeong Chan-heon is a veteran who has won 9 wins (5 losses, average ERA of 4.01) as a starting pitcher.

He has accumulated a wealth of experience both as a starter and as a bullpen. He is said to be free from a chronic back injury as well.

It can be said that he still has the strength of a 5th starting pitcher.

As Kiwoom formalized the signing and trade of Jeong Chan-heon, the burden on compensation players was also reduced. It can be said that it is possible to recruit with only a certain amount of cash.

However, even after Kiwoom made an official declaration, no love calls from other teams for Jung Chan-heon have been heard. I know one team was interested for a while, but withdrew from the market before long.

Even though it is possible to recruit free agent pitchers who can produce results without giving away players, why are there no clubs that can move?

Director A talked about the burden of the salary cap.

General manager A said, “Many teams have been actively investing since last year, and the burden on the salary cap has increased. Many clubs are barely maintaining their salary caps. Teams with a bit of leeway seem to be saving themselves in advance while watching other clubs struggling with the salary cap. In such a situation, it is not an easy decision to recruit a player at the level of Jeong Chan-heon.”

“Jung Chan-heon will occupy the position of a preliminary candidate for the 5th selection in any team. The more starting pitchers, the better, but scouts will be reluctant if the pitchers recruited as outside free agents are at a level where they cannot secure a starting spot. In addition, Jeong Chan-heon’s annual salary this season is 280 million won. How much more can you reduce it here? It should be said that there are no teams with enough room in the salary cap to recruit players with an annual salary of over 200 million won. It should be seen as a cold-hearted evaluation of the market that he is not a pitcher worthy of reaching out in a situation where the salary cap may fluctuate. Jeong Chan-heon’s ambiguous position is the reason for delaying the recruitment proposal.”

In conclusion, it means that Chanheon Jeong is not a clear card, which is why he is reluctant to recruit. It is analyzed that the burden of the salary cap has further narrowed its position. Jeong Chan-heon’s annual salary, which is not small, is also a reason for the burden. 스포츠토토

Some believe that the problem started with Jeong Chan-heon’s declaration of free agency. He said that he had to make the decision to postpone it for a year after looking at the market situation. To that extent, All Stove League had a severe phenomenon of the rich and the poor.

He may have thought he could get a spot as a starter, but many teams are trying to fill the vacancy through internal competition.

Clubs evaluate that there are various burdens to approach for insurance purposes, unless you know after entering the season and injured players appear one after another and existing players produce results that fall far short of expectations.

Will Jung Chan-heon become a lost child without being able to find a team? This is becoming a difficult problem unless the team can afford to make an insurance investment.


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