Friday Mar 31, 2023

You must really want to go…Mudrik makes an explicit appeal with a ‘prayer emoticon’

This is more than sincere.

The Ukrainian national team and Shakhtar Donetsk winger Mikhailo Mudrik’s move to Arsenal are emerging as a hot topic. Mudriq is a key winger in Shakhtar, and his strengths are explosive speed and dribble breakthrough.

He is performing at an ace level this season as well. In the Ukrainian Premier League this season, Mudrik has recorded 7 goals and 6 assists in 12 matches, and in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), he recorded 3 goals and 2 assists in 6 matches.

Arsenal approached Moudrik, who was also proven in the European competition. Arsenal showed interest in signing Mudrik from the end of last year, and handed over the offer to Shakhtar.

But Shakhtar’s eyes were high. Arsenal offered 40 million euros (approximately 53.8 billion won) as an initial offer. However, Shakhtar rejected Arsenal’s first offer, wanting a higher price for Mudrik.

Arsenal, who wanted to sign Moudrik, set an increased price. When Shakhtar rejected the first offer, Arsenal offered a total of 60 million euros (about 80.7 billion won) by adding 20 million euros, but even this was rejected.

In the end, I went to the 3rd proposal. European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on the morning of the 13th 메이저놀이터, “Arsenal have made a new offer for Mudrik over the past few hours. is,” he said.

As much as Arsenal desperately wants it, Mudrik is also hoping to go to Arsenal. Maybe even more desperate. Moudrik is openly hoping for Arsenal to the extent that he ‘liked’ a social media post that he is connected to Arsenal the other day.

Recently, he has been more blatantly hoping for a transfer. On the morning of the 13th, when Arsenal submitted the third proposal, Moudrik posted an emoticon of praying with his hands together on his social media. With this, fans speculated that Mudrik was sincerely hoping to move to Arsenal. Arsenal and Mudrik want each other, and the question now is whether Shakhtar’s offer will be accepted.


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