Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Young-gun serial blood transfusion from a big club ’embracing eagerness’… Seongnam ‘Lee Hyeong-ho’ Departure from Thailand ‘Start laying the groundwork’

Seongnam FC ‘Lee Ki-hyeong-ho’, who put ‘eagerness’ as the topic, left for Chiang Mai, Thailand, the first winter training camp through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 4th.

Seongnam prepares for the new season by focusing on building a body in Chiang Mai until the 27th. The second field training in February will be held in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province.

Seongnam, which has been embroiled in political issues for a long time, has a strong will to open a new future under this coaching system. The club continued to rise and fall due to various suspicions surrounding the former owner, and was relegated to the second division this year, facing the worst situation, but is determined to lay a stepping stone for a reversal. 토토

Coach Lee has been concentrating on recruiting potential players who have ‘eaten bread with tears’ in consideration of the team’s personnel expenses, which have been cut in half. Due to internal circumstances, existing main players such as Park Soo-il and Lee Si-young were given to other teams, but ‘Young Gun’, who could not take a seat in the big club representing the K-League, is being called.

In the attacking line, FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung Youth players Jeong Han-min and Yoo Joo-an draw attention. Both are talented enough to have been selected as representatives for each age group, but have not seen the light of day in the first team of their former team.

Coach Lee intends to put an attack-oriented color on Seongnam, different from his past Incheon United coaching days. He said, “Jeong Han-min is good at judging the situation and shooting. Yu Juan is fast and has good stamina, so he will blend well into the team’s offense,” he said, declaring a reorganization of the attacking team centering on the two big club youths.

In the second line, he had Lee Sang-min, who was from Ulsan Hyundai Youth and lived on loan in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do after joining the 2020 season. Able to play not only in the second line but also in the last line, he participated in the U-23 Asian Cup qualifiers last year and played an active role as a central defender. He also hired Park Sang-hyeok, who went through Suwon youth, on loan. In defense, he played an active role as a representative of the U-20 and U-23 age groups, and embraced fullback Kook Tae-jeong, who played 4 seasons (3 goals in 80 matches) for Bucheon FC until last season.

In Seongnam, veteran goalkeeper Kim Yeong-kwang and midfielder Kwon Soon-hyung are spending their last year under contract. Soon-hyung Kwon stepped out to help the team promote to the first division while cutting his existing salary.


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